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At last! A Notepad like Russian Editor added with an on-screen Russian keyboard.


Try out this handy Editor fitted with a Russian keyboard! The Full Solution for your Russian editing and text conversion needs!

bulletDo you want to send Russian emails to your Russian friends?
bulletDo you want to work with Russian word processors and editors?
bulletDo you need to do searches for Russian web sites on Search Engines?
bulletDo you want an Easy way to work with Russian Text Files?
bulletDo you need translation of Russian into the Latin alphabet?

  But, You are Frustrated because your keyboard have no Russian Characters!

No problem anymore! You can now do all this...plus more if you use The RussianEditor 3.0.

Write in Russian without the hassle of adding an external Russian language keyboard or glue on external Cyrillic keyboard stickers.

Start working in Russian now!

Download the RussianEditor for a free trial!

Download the RussianEditor

Plus!! It works instantly after you have downloaded it online and installed it on your computer. So, There are no hard to figure out keyboard driver or set-ups for using the software.

No need for you to install Cyrillic fonts or to figure out how to set-up a Cyrillic keyboard.

That's because the software loads the Cyrillic fonts as a Latin typeset and the Russian on-screen keyboard works with the standard setting you use on your normal keyboard.

The RussianEditor works like a notepad-editor with Russian texts. It supports this on Western Windows machines.

The virtual Russian on-screen keyboard adjust itself automatic as it checks your keyboard and places the Latin keys according to the layout of your physical keyboard.


Automatic adjusting of the on screen keyboard. In this case to a US-keyboard.

Automatic adjustment of the Russian on screen keyboard. In this case for an English based US keyboard.

The on screen keyboard's keys respond automatically to the keys you press on your real keyboard or by you clicking on the keys by your mouse. Each key on the screen is shown with the Latin letter beside the active Cyrillic letter. As a result you can with ease see the exact Cyrillic character you press when you type.

 You can switch the keyboard for edting with phonetic Russian, Russian standard or with Latin characters.
Keyboard editing options.

The layout of the Russian language keyboard can be shifted from phonetic, where the Cyrillic letters are shown side by side with similar sounding Latin letters or to the Russian standard keyboard used on computers running Russian Windows. The keyboard layout can also be set for Latin input using the English alphabet from A to z for fonts which are used on the codepage for Russian Windows.

To shift the keyboard's layout you simply click on the option you prefer.

The Latin layout of your keyboard is automatically the same as is set on your computer, except for the characters outside A-z, which are not included on the Cyrillic code page. By using the RussianEditor you don't need to purchase separate Russian keyboards and you don't need to put on special Cyrillic stickers and glue them on your keyboard to get an intuitive feel when you are typing.


Clip from the Russian keyboard on screen editor!

Clip from The RussianEditor with its Russian on screen keyboard set for a Swedish keyboard.

The text you write is stored as ANSI 1-byte characters in Code page 1252.

With the clipboards Cut, Paste and Copy functions you can convert the text into or from UNICODE, Rich Text or HTML text formats. Or you can use the clipboard without format conversion if you set the clipboard for ANSI. Or you can via the clipboard convert Russian Cyrillic script in to the Latin alphabet.

Menu Clipboard setting!

You set the Clipboard Text Formats in this menu.

Then you are able the cut and paste Cyrillic text into and from Office products, edit web pages, work with editors and emails.


New! Russian Cyrillic translation to the Latin alphabet!
This is useful if you study Russian or you want to send Russian messages to someone that can't read Cyrillic on their computers

Cyrillic To Latin Transliteration and Transcription options.

Set Latin Conversion option in this menu.

There are 5 options of Latin conversions!
We take this Russian text as an example:

В Германии, да и в некоторых других странах Европы, ее объявили вне закона, разоблачили деструктивную деятельность сайентологов в политических и экономических структурах.

Option 1. Text transliterated according to BGN/PCGN standard
V Germanii, da i v nekotorykh drugikh stranakh Yevropy, yeye ob"yavili vne zakona, razoblachili destruktivnuyu deyatel'nost' sayyentologov v politicheskikh i ekonomicheskikh strukturakh.

Option 2. Text transcribed by using English standard
V Germanii, da i v nekotorykh drugikh stranakh Yevropy, yeye obyavili vne zakona, razoblachili destruktivnuyu deyatelnost sayyentologov v politicheskikh i ekonomicheskikh strukturakh.

Option 3. Text transcribed by using German standard
W Gjermanii, da i w njekotorych drugich stranach Jewropy, jee objawili wnje sakona, rasoblatschili djestruktiwnuju djejatelnost saientologow w polititscheskich i ekonomitscheskich strukturach.

Option 4. Text transcribed by using French standard
V Guermanii, da i v nekotorykh drouguikh stranakh Ievropy, ieie obiavili vne zakona, razoblatchili destrouktivnouiou deiatelnost saïentologov v polititcheskikh i ekonomitcheskikh strouktourakh.

Option 5. Text transcribed by using Swedish standard
V Germanii, da i v nekotorych drugich stranach Jevropy, jeje objavili vne zakona, razoblatjili destruktivnuju dejatelnost sajentologov v polititjeskich i ekonomitjeskich strukturach.


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Works with Windows95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, VISTA
Windows 7 on Western Latin based Windows.




About russification!

The RussianEditor in itself does not enable other software to display Cyrillic characters. That must be set right in order for other applications to display Russian letters. How to do this varies among different software and Windows versions.

Learn about Russification of your computer!



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