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The RussianEditor is equipped with a special Cyrillic keyboard!


Aided with a Cyrillic keyboard the RussianEditor has extensive text conversion functionality and enable Russian text to be converted between code pages and text formats.

The virtual Cyrillic keyboard used in the RussianEditor can be set phonetically or set as a standard Russian keyboard used on Cyrillic typewrites and on Russian PC using Windows.

The RussianEditor can convert Cyrillic character in ANSI formats between code page 1251 used on Cyrillic Windows machines and code page 1252 used on western based Latin PC:s.

The RussianEditor can therefore cheat the limitation normally encountered working with Cyrillic text on western windows.

With this editor it is possible to share Cyrillic text files made on Russian machines and convert it into other text formats.

This has been an obstacle because Cyrillic text stored in ANSI text file can not be converted to ANSI code used in the Russian code page.

ANSI is used in Windows for ordinary 1 byte texts. ANSI which is used in Windows is similar the well known ASCII format used in computing in UNIX machines.

There are two options for the clipboard conversion functions. One is text conversion of ANSI text between code pages. The other is text conversion between UNICODE, Rich Text or HTML text formats. The 1 byte code for text in the ANSI text format can be converted to the 2 byte code used IN UNICODE.




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Examples of different layouts of Cyrillic keyboards together with Latin alphabet!


Cyrillic keyboard with a US keyboard

Standard Cyrillic keyboard displayed on a US Keyboard

Cyrillic keyboard with a French keyboard

Standard Cyrillic keyboard displayed on a French keyboard


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