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Buy A Real Russian Keyboard To Your Computer On the Web!

  Are you looking for Russian keyboards?

Here you will find Russian keyboard for both PC and MAC.

The keyboard comes with both the Russian and the English alphabet. This is the same type of keyboard which is used on Russian Windows. Russian language characters are configured in the same way as on Russian language typewriters.

Russian standard keyboard are here available on the Internet. On the Net you can find every need, when it comes to foreign languages. CD, language courses, dictionaries, keyboards…You Name It!

They are labeled with both Cyrillic and Latin letters. Just switch the keyboard from your standard type.

Note: You do need to set your computer right to be able to use in Russian.


High quality 104-character keyboard for PC.

  Russian keyboard for PC can be bought on the Internet.

Russian keyboard for MAC can be bought on the Internet.

If you do not want to switch from your ordinary keyboard to a Russian or if you do not want to use keyboard labels on the keyboard you use.

The RussianEditor is an on screen Russian Keyboard Editor!!

This is a notepad like editor which work in tandem with our ordinary keyboard.

You write on your ordinary keyboard and the same key responds on the on the keyboard on the screen.

Another unique property of the RussianEditor is that keyboard can be switch between a Phonetic, Russian and to Latin A-z keyboard layout.

The software recognizes which type of national keyboard you are using and adopt itself by positioning the Latin characters in its right position. It can be used on many different national keyboards, English UK, English US, French, German etc.


For more information on The RussianEditor Click Here!!

Clip from the RussianEditor software!

The RussianEditor equipped with a Cyrillic keyboard.



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