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The layout of the Russian phonetic keyboard adapts to your keyboard.


The RussianEditor: A powerful notepad-like editor with an on screen Russian phonetic keyboard using the Russian alphabet !!

For user not accustomed to standard Russian keyboards, the RussianEditor is also equipped to display the on screen keyboard set as an alternative Russian phonetic keyboard or phonemic keyboard.

This feature removes much of the frustration in finding the right letter in the Cyrillic alphabet when typing in the computer for non Russian working with a PC. It is also useful for Russians natives living abroad working on a western PC and who have been accustomed to work with Latin based keyboard on a western windows working for example in English or some other western language.

Apart from displaying the keyboard as a Russian phonetic keyboard the keyboard can be set to a standard Russian keyboard used on Russian typewriters and on Russian windows machines, just be clicking on the standard alternative for the Cyrillic keyboard.

When the RussianEditor is set to be displayed the keyboard as a phonetic Russian keyboard, then Cyrillic character are positioned next to the Latin Letter with the same or similar sound. It is therefore easy to find on the keyboard.

Because the RussianEditor recognize which the current keyboard is set to at the control panel, the position of the Russian characters on the on screen phonetic Russian keyboard is phonetically set for this keyboard.

This is done automatic when the software starts. This is important because the position of the Latin alphabet does not follow the standard QWERTY keyboard used in the US for all other countries. In fact the character positions and character displayed varies from country to country.

Here follows some pictures of the layouts of the Russian phonetical keyboard for different countries. The Russian Editor recognizes and display the character sets right for almost all countries that use western code page. That for windows machine which use Latin 1 font set in code page 1252 for ANSI.


Click here for more information on The RussianEditor!!

Examples from different layout of the Russian phonetical keyboard!


Russian phonetic keyboard displayed as a US keyboard

US Keyboard
Phonemic setting of the Russian on screen keyboard to a US keyboard


Russian phonetic keyboard displayed as a German keyboard

German keyboard

Russian phonetic keyboard displayed as a French keyboard

French keyboard

Russian phonetic keyboard displayed as a English Canadian keyboard

English Canadian keyboard

Click here for information on The RussianEditor!!


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