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Learn about Russification of your computer!

  You need russification of your Windows machine if you can't work in Cyrillic.
Can you write in Russian with the keyboard? Can you work with Cyrillic character on your computer? Have you enabled Cyrillic on your Windows machine?

You can test to see if russification of your PC is made. You can see this if you go to the control panel. Look there and see if you can find Russian as one of the keyboard that can be added.

If this is not the case you should russify your computer by install this from your windows set-up software or if you are connected to a network you should ask your system administrator.

Can you read Russian emails or can you view Russian Web pages?
If not and if you work with Explorer and Outlook you can go to windows update and see if you find update information about Cyrillic characters.

Here is a useful link on how to Russify Windows Computers!

Cyrillic (Russian): instructions for Windows and Internet!


Discover The RussianEditor!

Solve your Russian editing needs!

The RussianEditor is a convenient Cyrillic editor for western Windows!!

Clip from the RussianEditor software!



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